Stabilisation is thus a "key factor" in end-line packaging and must reduce product stress as much as possible during subsequent handling, shipping and storage phases.  In fact, many products cannot be sold since damaged during transport, creating high economic damages for missed sales and disposal.


Thus, wrapping technology must ensure a process that stabilises product, reducing film used for this purpose (plastic film) to a minimum, consequently translating into a dual advantage:


 - film purchase savings;

 - lower environmental impact.


These are the market needs met by , specifically created by AETNAGROUP in its facilities in Villa Verucchio.


In this area, skills and energy focus on researching and developing the best end-line packaging solutions.

In over 200 square metres, production machines, test machines and instruments characterise film and optimise stabilisation, personalising it to the customer's specific product.


Every day the Technology Lab tests films sent by polyethylene stretch film manufacturers throughout the world and product samples from a wide range of merchandise categories to increase our know-how and offer customers the best machine and wrapping cycle combination for their needs.



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