The Group run by the Aureli family gains control of Syntech Technology

and sets up the branch that will dominate the market on the Iberian peninsula.

Enrico Aureli: “We are convinced that the Spanish market will take off”.



Each new challenge is an opportunity for on the Aetna Group, whose long and solid entrepreneurial tradition is based on important values such as research, constant innovation and internationalisation. The Group has used these values to acquire a majority shareholding in Syntech Technology, a company specialising in the design and sale of packaging machines and solutions that is based in Castellón (Spain). The Group is now consolidating its position on the Spanish market by setting up a new branch, Aetna Group Iberica.


This strategic operation is part of a four-year programme of development through internal growth and new acquisitions – explains Valentina Aureli, Managing Director of Aetna Group – that will improve synergies, into faster exchange of information between customers and the company and will make us even more competitive whilst still remaining true to the values of the Aetna Group”.

The vision is clear: being the leading global partner for all packaging solutions through cutting-edge technology and the creation of added value for customers.



But let’s go back a moment and start from the beginning. Syntech Technology is a company belonging to Ricard, José Luis and Francisco Javier Castell that is based in San Rafael del Rio (Castellón). It has 25 employees and had already worked closely for many years with Aetna Group. Syntech Technology started up in 2000 as a service provider for Spain and cemented its links with Aetna Group, becoming the official distributor of first the automatic machines of Robopac Sistemi and then of many other Group brand automatic solutions. In 2012 Inpropack was acquired. Inpropack is a historic Spanish brand that has been trading on the market since 1982. This acquisition enabled first Syntech Technology and then Aetna Group to increase what it had to offer the Spanish market.



“We are convinced that the Spanish market will take off” Enrico Aureli, Managing Director of Aetna Group remarks – and we intend to consolidate not only our leadership in the sector of automatic wrapping machines of Robopac Sistemi, where we have more than 50% of market share, but also in the sector of Dimac and Prasmatic shrink wrapping and cartoning machines. Our Group has now installed more than 1300 units on the Spanish market. In addition, we are also going to provide multinational customers with an even more closely tailored service.




We are very pleased –adds Ricard Castellabout achieving a goal we had believed in for 15 years. The creation of Aetna Group Iberica will enable us to improve still further our service to our customers. Together, we shall be able to fulfil also the needs of Inpropack customers by restoring the pride of a historic Spanish brand.”.



The thorough knowledge of the market and the economic macro data provide good grounds to be optimistic. In 2014, in fact, Spain’s GDP grew by 1.4 percent and the forecasts for 2015 are also good: the European Commission expects a further growth +2.3 percent. These are encouraging data that have led Alfredo Aureli, the chairman of Aetna Group, to set out an ambitious goal: “in the medium term, the objective is for the Spanish market to generate 10 percent of our turnover”.

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